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Fireworks, something needs to be done

Have you been affected by the fireworks this year ?

I'm not against fireworks full stop but I do feel there is an appropriate time and place for them to be let off and that people letting them off should be more considerate towards their neighbours.

Our youngest lad, Buttons, starts shaking when he hears them. He runs to find the nearest person to comfort him. With the first lot of fireworks, he burrowed under the quilt on the bed and laid next to my Other Half shaking. My OH thought it was one of the other cats until he felt the shaking. "He came to me, wow that's a first" he said. After a quiet spell, Butts legged it downstairs and came and found me. He eventually ended up on the sofa covered with a blanket.

I was out about 5-30pm and had warning of one set going off by children shouting "bang, bang, bang". The following flashes of light were extremely bright and constant flickering. The boom made me jump out of my skin.

A second lot followed 25 mins later, no warning at all. It sounded like machine gun fire going off and was just as loud and rapid. I legged it across the garden and shot into the house and slammed the door shut. No chance of saying bye to the neighbour, I just legged it. Luckily she understood, LOL.

I don't know where the outdoor cats ended up hiding out. They were calm until the fireworks and then vanished. They seem pretty street wise and smart so I like to think they know all the hiding places and stayed out of the way. One lad never showed up until this morning.

12-15am and more fireworks could be heard been let off. The law does say that they shouldn't be let off after 11pm unless on certain days.

This morning, I've picked up the remains of one firework that was right outside our back door. It's a good job the door was shut as I dread to think what might have happened. The other two I picked up were out in the front garden. I didn't set them off so why do I have to pick up other people's rubbish ?

There is a scary amount of posts on Facebook this morning, about dogs that have panicked and ran off due to the noise of the fireworks. I do hope they are all found safe and well.

Petition Details

I know that this petition probably won't make any difference but please consider signing it and sharing the link. At 10am this morning, there was 37,725 signed. I've posted the total just to keep an eye on how quick it is rising.

Petition Change the laws governing the use of fireworks to include a ban on public use

Fireworks cause alarm, distress and anxiety to many people and animals. We call on the Secretary of State to make appropriate provision to secure that the risk of public use is the MINIMUM that is compatible with fireworks being used, as stated in Fireworks Act 2003 sect 2.

Noted in debate of firework petition 109702 statistics are not recorded. We ask government to collect statistics. We ask the Sec. of State to issue a full regulatory impact assessment in accordance with section 2(4) Act; 2004, consider statistics gathered by FireworkABatement (FAB) as stated in Fireworks Act 2003 sect 3b., ‘as an organisation which appears to the Sec. of State to be representative of interests substantially affected by the proposal’, Shown by this petition and past petitions.

Petition closes - 6 April 2018

I have just read this news article and I feel sick. It happened in Derby yesterday afternoon (sat 4 nov 2017)

Warning - this article is upsetting.

Cat killed after fireworks are strapped to it and set off

Dear xxx ,

Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “Change the laws governing the use of fireworks to include a ban on public use”.

The debate is scheduled for 29 January 2018.

Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript.


The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament


At the time of posting this message, the petition has got 107,439 signatures