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If your cat has gone missing in the CA postcode area or the LA postcode area of Cumbria, please join us and post their details on Missing Cats Cumbria. This is a free to use service. We have a fantastic facebook group who are very supportive. All we ask is that you let us know when your cat comes home.

Posted 2 weeks ago by joannemerrie

Petite Tabby cat. Quite timid

 ... Carlisle, CA2 / 3 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by clairejardine

suzie (cat on front of both photos)is a tabby cat brown and black but she has a ginger belly she has quite short legs for...

 ... Workington, CA14 / 5 views

Posted 1 month ago by Ray

Four of my cats went missing (the same night) from Heggerscale nearly two years ago and one of them was miraculously found living as a...

 ... Alston, CA9 / 15 views

Posted 1 month ago by judith

Neutered male. Slim, friendly and vocal. Tabby and white. White paws, chest and tummy. Farm cat used to various animals.   Inquisitive - will get...

 ... Penrith, CA10 / 86 views

Posted 2 months ago by SarahR

Trevor is a medium sized neutered tom cat. Long but not tall. Extremely striking. Friendly and quite vocal. Went out at 5am and never came...

 ... Carlisle, CA1 / 1154 views

Posted 3 months ago by karen

Jess had a pink collar when she went missing but might have lost it. She is 13 yrs old, smooth haired but looks younger ....

 ... Maryport, CA15 / 1126 views

Posted 3 months ago by Clare2703

Georgie is a much loved pet, last seen Friday 6th April 2018. Very unusual for her to be away for more than a few hours....

 ... Carlisle, CA3 / 127 views

Posted 3 months ago by Maggie

Ziggy went missing on 31st of January. We last saw him at 1545 by 1615 we knew something was very wrong. It's like he just...

 ... Maryport, CA15 / 137 views

Posted 3 months ago by claire machin

Harley is 1 year old spayed, chipped female with no collar. She is mostly white with black splashes and markings. Quite timid and nervous. Unlikely...

 ... Maryport, CA15 / 149 views